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The Treasurer’s duties include the fiduciary responsibility to insure that proper internal controls are in place. Internal controls refer to a system of financial checks and balances designed to provide accurate data and protect the financial resources of an organization.

You are responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all funds for your affiliate. Duties include the financial management and accurate accounting of all funds, including dues, fees, rents and payroll, if applicable. You will also collect membership dues, maintain records on all Local/CTA/NEA members, verify dues status and categories, and, if applicable, forward CTA and NEA dues and fees to the CTA Membership Accounting Department in a timely manner.


Treasurer’s Resources

Chapter Presidents – Fiduciary Responsibilities

CTA Annual Report 2019-2020

Financial Report Required by PERB

Sample PERB Reports

Group Exemption List

IRS Auto Mileage Change Information

2021 IRS and FTB Forms Memodue 1/15/22

Member Engagement Grant Project Guidelines

Member Engagement Grant Application Form

Member Engagement Grant Narrative Summary Form

2021 Member Expense Statement Form

PAC Reporting Case Study

Political Action Committee – Bank Account Information

Political Action Committee – Annual Filing Fee

Political Action Committee – Local PAC Filing Schedule for 11/3/2020 election cycle

School Board Event Report Form

Treasurer’s Handbook 2021-2022

Treasurer’s Training Schedule


Treasurer’s Sample Policies

Conflict of Interest Policy

Member Expense Reimbursement Policy

Whistleblower Policy

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